Sweets and Smiles: Moving Day!


Today, I have big, big, giant, big news! Pretty Healthy has a new internet home!

I have spent the last week playing with coding to make this new site and I am so proud of it. I can’t wait for all of you lovely people to see it!

Starting today, I will no longer be posting at theprettyhealthyblog.wordpress.com, but at prettyhealthy.co! This is a huge step for me, because I have been dreaming of being able to self-host (and make the Pretty Healthy site, well, pretty via CSS) since last year around this time!

So, please, check out the new site–you won’t be disappointed! And, don’t forget to sign-up to the newsletter!


Sweets and Smiles: Some News is Good News

Hello, everyone!

This has been a great week, despite tests and 12 pages of papers and school generally getting hectic. Let me count the ways!

  1. I officially got into UC Davis, that dreamiest of dream schools (at least for me)–and I got invited to the Honors program!
  2. My search for a roommate is looking quite fruitful–only one person responded to my posting, but we seem to be getting along well 🙂
  3. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on moving Pretty Healthy to its new home! I am in the website design stages and I am so happy with how it is coming along!

All in all–a great week!

What’s your good news this week?

Sweets and Smiles: Wildflower Month

unsplash wildflowers


It is April and in California, that means wildflower month! I’ve always been big on wildflowers. When I was little, before I discovered (or developed?) my black thumb, the first seed packet I remember was a wildflower mix. When I was in high school, I did a bit of research into the best places to find wildflowers in my area and read on some government website that April was California’s peak month for wildflowers.

Well, that’s stuck in my head since then. Of course, now I am looking for that source to link for you all, and I can’t find it–all I got is this.

Regardless of whether it is really and scientifically peak wildflower season in April, I am going with it. Currently, there are so many gorgeous flowers blooming around here. California poppies are everywhere. I heard once that California was called the Golden State even before the Gold Rush because of the golden poppies that would bloom throughout the state. Fact or fiction, there is at least a grain of truth in that!

There are dozens of other flowers growing right now–and I don’t yet know all their names. But I have seen irises and forget-me-nots, and They brighten my walks as I go from here to there–school, library, groceries. And, though they aren’t wildflowers by any means, the cottage roses are out in full force. It looks like the rose bushes are emulating a firework display in slow motion as new flowers bloom larger everyday. Not to mention the scent on the wind. There really is something to be said for stopping to smell the roses 🙂

I know I am lucky to have the wildflowers right now, what about you? What lovely things has nature given you this week? Snow, sun, April showers? Share in the comments!

Sweets and Smiles: A Pair of Pairs


Last week, I wrote about The Selection. Well, the next two books in the trilogy were at the local library branch, waiting for me. So, I checked them both out and proceeded to read both of them in 16 hours (to be fair, it was an otherwise very boring 16 hours of bus riding and waiting around).

How were they? I laughed, I cried, I threw the book against the wall (or at least considered it). I lamented the lack of communication that everyone was suffering from and wandered why exactly our heroine kept doing the things she was doing. I appreciated the story–light for the most part, loose ends tie up, no flat and static characters. All good things!


In this last week, I have found two awesome resources for skin care. For those of you unfamiliar with Reddit, yes: it looks like spam (it’s not), it’s not intuitive, and it’s kind of ugly. I know. But, it can be a great resource once you understand it. There are many communities on Reddit (called subreddits) that revolve around beauty (and pretty much any other topic you can think of). I have found two very helpful: /r/SkincareAddiction and /r/AsianBeauty.

Skincare Addiction is a great source for what you should be putting on your face to make it happy and for understanding what’s wrong with your routine. There are even recommended routines. I would recommend checking out the sidebar (on the right) for all of the linked pages. Asian Beauty is both about the products and the philosophy. There are tons of reviews and promises of better formulated-sunscreens on that forum, so I am researching 🙂

What’s on your bookshelf? In your beauty routine? Tell us in the comments!

Sweets and Smiles: A Book!


This week has been pretty intense for a lot of reasons–tests, papers, the whole nine. Of course, I managed to find time to do some reading.

I pretty much haven’t read fiction since last summer, so I was excited when a new book came to the library for me. But, first, let me back up.

It started with a lovely day of pinning. When I came upon this:


True. Naturally, I looked up this Kiera Cass–she sounds like she has an interesting take on life. Well, not only that–it turns out she has a full series of books based loosely on this idea. The first book is called The Selection and I liked it. It’s not something we’d read in my literature analysis class (oh, look, already a point in its favor!), but I read it all in one sitting.

The short version? In a kingdom set in the far future, a prince must choose his bride–from 35 girls chosen to be part of the Selection. We follow America Singer as she has to leave her family, life, and forbidden love behind for a prince she has no interest in and to be part of a Selection she wants no part in. Does she change her mind?

It’s kind of a guilty pleasure to be reading young adult fiction at this point, but hey, reading for fun is good for you on some level, I’m sure of it! Actually, in many ways, according to this article and the associated links. So bookworms, rejoice! For we are awesome!

P.S. The Elite–the next book in the series? It’s on hold for me. I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it, and read three hundred odd pages instead of study for my next midterm! Stay tuned!

What’s on your reading list?

Sweets and Smiles: Salads and Celebrations

lunch by canopic/Flickr Creative commons

A much more photogenic salad than my chopped creations. (lunch by canopic/Flickr Creative commons)

Hello everyone!

It’s been a good week. I am finally on spring break–and I totally need it. Half way through the semester and I am exhausted. Cue easy days of slower paced studying and lazy mornings!

But this week was good in its own right. I got to hang out with my lovely friends. Ice cream, chai, hikes. It was great to catch up with friends back on their spring breaks and to meet new people 🙂

I’ve also continued with my barre and salad regimen. I’ve never made mason jar salads before–surprisingly effective. And to think that I have been using Tupperware to keep dressing separate. Tisk. So inefficient. After last week’s sandwiches, salads are this week’s Build a Better Lunch item.

Also, yesterday was pie day. I had quiche and apple pie for lunch. Did you celebrate?

How was your week?

Sweets and Smiles: Back to Basics

Allison Wopata/Unsplash

Allison Wopata/Unsplash

Hello, ladies!

This week has been lovely–the weather’s been good, my buses came on time, and I got a good grade on my Art History test. I finally started posting the Build a Better Lunch series! Look for more tomorrow!

More importantly, I got to hang out with friends. Particularly, I got to enjoy some Whole Foods salads (if you’re looking for something in the deli there, try the Pad Thai Kale Salad–it’s quite yummy 🙂 ) and an orange poppy-seed croissant from a local bakery with a dear friend.

I’ve also started to get back to doing barre workouts. This summer, I started out with them, just finding workouts I liked on YouTube. Then Yosemite. And Germany. And then laziness as school started. I liked barre, though. It was my kind of workout: isometrics, being ridiculously sore the next day (is it weird that I like being sore? I mean, it shows that at least the workout did something, right?) But I miss the definition I started to get everywhere while I was doing barre at home, so it’s about time that I get back at it.

This week, I’ve got lots to look forward to: friends are back in town! That means get-togethers! I’m stoked! And, I just have to get through a couple of tests before spring break and some long-awaited relaxation.

What made smile this week? Share in the comments!

Sweets and Smiles: Pseudo-Spring

These beauties are growing everywhere you look! (Untitled by BrittanyBush/Flickr Creative Commons)

These beauties are growing everywhere you look! (Untitled by BrittanyBush/Flickr Creative Commons)

Happy Sunday, ladies!

The weather, while brisk, has been gorgeous! Bright clear days, golden sunlight–it’s almost like it’s spring! Right now, the flowering quince that grow everywhere around here (and I never noticed till this year when I started my botany class) are the biggest splash of color. I can’t wait for the wildflowers to start popping up everywhere!

This week, I finally broke out some fresh ginger and it was delicious–in stir-fries and soups. I even found this lovely smoothie recipe that I am looking forward to trying with some frozen fruit–I could kill for a fresh, ripe peach, but for now frozen will do (until we leave this pseudo-spring). Don’t forget how great ginger is for you!

I’m also super stoked for this week: I’m launching a series I’ve been playing with for months! Ready for Build a Better Lunch Month?

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Announcing: Building A Better Lunch

build a better lunch yellow 1

Hello, ladies!

Nationally, March is Nutrition Month, but here at Pretty Healthy, it’s Build a Better Lunch Month.

Making the most of that midday meal is major. It recharges you after a long morning and it gives you energy for the rest of the day–whether it’s a grueling lecture or finalizing something before that looming deadline.

This month, we’re going to talk about making lunches that help to keep you full and focused through the afternoon–whether you are at school, work, or that internship that keeps you on your feet all day. We’ll also talk about sandwiches, salads, and the magic of freeze-ahead lunches.

Even if you don’t need to brown bag it–at work, at school, at play, whatever–you might need a quick dinner after work or a speedy breakfast before hitting the books, and this series will help you create great, nutritious options for food on the fly.

Are you ready for this revamp?

Update: Read the series!

1. The Framework

Excited? Looking for specific pointers? Leave a comment!

Sweets and Smiles: Donuts, Decor, and Delight(ed Anticipation)

Hello, ladies!

This week I got to have some most delicious filhos–for the uninitiated, they are lemony, Portuguese donuts. My grandma makes five pounds of dough (which really means that she uses five pounds of flour) and that probably makes a hundred. Her mother used to use fifteen pounds of flour–a sight I don’t think I’d be able to comprehend. They were delicious and my allotted sweet for the week, before I made the decision to press on to overall health.

I also must direct you to Kelly Toups and her piece on Decorating Like a Dietitian–it’s so bright and colorful. It’s a treat in its own right.  Also, speaking of treats, you should check out her Instagram (whether you use it or not–I don’t). It’s totally gorgeous and inspiring. The food–just swoon!

Finally, my local library recently got a copy of Death by Food Pyramid,! It’s by the incredibly intelligent Denise Minger at Raw Foods SOS. I am super excited to get my hands on it–I placed my hold and everything! I’ll be reporting back on my findings 🙂 I just have to wait my place in line.

What made you smile this week? Drop a line in the comments!