Hello, lovely!

I am a nutrition student in love with food, the idea of fashion magazines, and learning. I want to see the world and ace my classes, but most of all I want to make the world a little bit better. I figure the best way I can try my hand at that is by helping people make healthy choices, one meal at a time.

On Pretty Healthy, I plan to write for other young women in high school and college about health, nutrition, loving food, and feeling pretty. To paraphrase (and then take a complete departure from) Audrey Hepburn, I believe laughter is the best medicine, happy girls are the prettiest, a well-exercised mind is a beautiful thing, nice clothes and a made-up face can help you feel pretty but should by no means be the only thing that does, fit is beautiful, health is beautiful, and food is the gateway to good health.

Right now, I plan to write to practice talking about nutrition, to develop my writing style, and (hopefully!) to help someone. I would love to see Pretty Healthy turn into a full-scale online magazine, with multiple posters  and tons of awesome daily content aimed young women about treating yourself well and loving your body regardless of where you are at on your health journey. Until then, I plan to post just a few times a week and keep you interested, entertained, and looking up.


girl in a yellow dress 1

Disclaimer: I am NOT a medical professional, a Registered Dietitian, or in any other way certified in literally anything. What I write here is only my opinion and I suggest talking to a doctor or nutritional professional before making any changes based on what I write here on Pretty Healthy–especially since a professional can take your specific needs into account in a way that I cannot at this juncture.




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    • Mariana says:

      Hi, Jen–thank you so much for the nomination. It means a lot to me that you’d nominate me for the One Lovely Blog award 🙂 However, I am not going to accept because Pretty Healthy isn’t a personal blog. Thank you for thinking of Pretty Healthy in your list of nominations, though!

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