On My Night Stand

Good morning, ladies!

I am in the midst of building the newly improved Pretty Healthy. Let me tell you, this is taking up a  lot of my brain waves 🙂 The design has gone in a completely different direction, but it’s getting there and I am proud of it. Of course, I can’t code on my bus rides to school, so I have some books to keep me company.

Death By Food Pyramid by Densis Minger: The blogger behind  RawFoodSOS (I’ve mentioned her before–her research skills are top-notch and making-it-easy-to-understand skills make me jealous) has a book. It finally came and I was so excited to start reading. It’s subtitle is How Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics and Shady Special Interests Ruined Your Health…and How to Reclaim It! and it does not disappoint. Minger’s book is a balanced account–she discusses the lipid and sugar hypotheses for heart disease, treating them equally–and very accessible. While Food Politics almost put me to sleep, Death By Food Pyramid was engaging and fun. I’m not quite done with it yet, but I am totally recommending it!

The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes: You may have heard about mitochondrial DNA and how everyone is able to trace their (direct) maternal line all the way back to one of several primordial women. This book is the account of the scientist who originally identified this phenomenon and tells the story of the seven women all Europeans can trace their mitochondria back to: Katrine, Xenia, Jasmine, Velda, Ursula, Tara, and Helena. I have only just started this book but I am so excited to read it. It follows the history of the descendants of each woman, their migrations over the centuries, all from simple genetics.

What are you reading now?


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