Sweets and Smiles: A Book!


This week has been pretty intense for a lot of reasons–tests, papers, the whole nine. Of course, I managed to find time to do some reading.

I pretty much haven’t read fiction since last summer, so I was excited when a new book came to the library for me. But, first, let me back up.

It started with a lovely day of pinning. When I came upon this:


True. Naturally, I looked up this Kiera Cass–she sounds like she has an interesting take on life. Well, not only that–it turns out she has a full series of books based loosely on this idea. The first book is called The Selection and I liked it. It’s not something we’d read in my literature analysis class (oh, look, already a point in its favor!), but I read it all in one sitting.

The short version? In a kingdom set in the far future, a prince must choose his bride–from 35 girls chosen to be part of the Selection. We follow America Singer as she has to leave her family, life, and forbidden love behind for a prince she has no interest in and to be part of a Selection she wants no part in. Does she change her mind?

It’s kind of a guilty pleasure to be reading young adult fiction at this point, but hey, reading for fun is good for you on some level, I’m sure of it! Actually, in many ways, according to this article and the associated links. So bookworms, rejoice! For we are awesome!

P.S. The Elite–the next book in the series? It’s on hold for me. I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on it, and read three hundred odd pages instead of study for my next midterm! Stay tuned!

What’s on your reading list?


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