Build a Better Breakfast: Reimagining Toast

For a while, breakfast was difficult for me: I was always hungry just three hours later, when lunch is still an hour or so off. Was I not eating enough? Or getting a varied enough meal? I was getting grains, dairy, veggies (or fruit), and protein–but maybe not enough protein. Remember that protein is a huge satiety booster [1]–it keeps you full, like fiber and water [2].


One half of my new favorite breakfast. The whole thing looks like one slice of sourdough, a whole avocado mashed, and a scrambled egg (plus milk!)

Recently, I stumbled upon a new favorite breakfast: eggs on toast with avocado. Paired with a glass of iced chai milk (okay, either works. The first time I made this I was short on time before getting coffee with a friend and I had my souped-up toast and a chai. I was not hungry for six hours. But, chai everyday is probably not a great thing, so I experimented with plain milk. More or less the same thing!), it keeps me full.

I especially like this because it is fast and full of protein (from the eggs and the avocado to some extent), monounsaturated fats, and fiber (from both the avocado and the whole grain bread). On my earliest mornings (oh, bus schedules and long commutes!), this only takes 5 minutes to pull together.

Put the bread toasting (I like it really crunchy to hold all the weight of the eggs and avocado). Slice up a whole avocado. Mash it on the toast with your fork. Scramble up an egg. Put it all together and serve with some protein-filled dairy.

If this isn’t enough to keep you full, try adding another egg or sub a cup of Greek yogurt for the milk (for more calcium and protein than the same volume of milk). Of course, not everyone likes or can even eat eggs or dairy. You might want to try a protein powder like this one, which is formulated to work with a variety of diets, from vegan to gluten- and soy-free!

If you want to add an additional serving of grains, add a serving of cereal or granola. If having too much starch in the morning doesn’t sound appetizing, you can add fruit to that yogurt for more filling fiber.

Ultimately, it all comes down to what keeps you fueled for the day ahead and keeps your body happy.

What’s your go-to power breakfast?


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