Sweets and Smiles: Salads and Celebrations

lunch by canopic/Flickr Creative commons

A much more photogenic salad than my chopped creations. (lunch by canopic/Flickr Creative commons)

Hello everyone!

It’s been a good week. I am finally on spring break–and I totally need it. Half way through the semester and I am exhausted. Cue easy days of slower paced studying and lazy mornings!

But this week was good in its own right. I got to hang out with my lovely friends. Ice cream, chai, hikes. It was great to catch up with friends back on their spring breaks and to meet new people šŸ™‚

I’ve also continued with my barre and salad regimen. I’ve never made mason jar salads before–surprisingly effective. And to think that I have been using Tupperware to keep dressing separate. Tisk. So inefficient. After last week’s sandwiches, salads are this week’s Build a Better Lunch item.

Also, yesterday was pie day. I had quiche and apple pie for lunch. Did you celebrate?

How was your week?


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