Sweets and Smiles: Back to Basics

Allison Wopata/Unsplash

Allison Wopata/Unsplash

Hello, ladies!

This week has been lovely–the weather’s been good, my buses came on time, and I got a good grade on my Art History test. I finally started posting the Build a Better Lunch series! Look for more tomorrow!

More importantly, I got to hang out with friends. Particularly, I got to enjoy some Whole Foods salads (if you’re looking for something in the deli there, try the Pad Thai Kale Salad–it’s quite yummy 🙂 ) and an orange poppy-seed croissant from a local bakery with a dear friend.

I’ve also started to get back to doing barre workouts. This summer, I started out with them, just finding workouts I liked on YouTube. Then Yosemite. And Germany. And then laziness as school started. I liked barre, though. It was my kind of workout: isometrics, being ridiculously sore the next day (is it weird that I like being sore? I mean, it shows that at least the workout did something, right?) But I miss the definition I started to get everywhere while I was doing barre at home, so it’s about time that I get back at it.

This week, I’ve got lots to look forward to: friends are back in town! That means get-togethers! I’m stoked! And, I just have to get through a couple of tests before spring break and some long-awaited relaxation.

What made smile this week? Share in the comments!


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