Announcing: Building A Better Lunch

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Hello, ladies!

Nationally, March is Nutrition Month, but here at Pretty Healthy, it’s Build a Better Lunch Month.

Making the most of that midday meal is major. It recharges you after a long morning and it gives you energy for the rest of the day–whether it’s a grueling lecture or finalizing something before that looming deadline.

This month, we’re going to talk about making lunches that help to keep you full and focused through the afternoon–whether you are at school, work, or that internship that keeps you on your feet all day. We’ll also talk about sandwiches, salads, and the magic of freeze-ahead lunches.

Even if you don’t need to brown bag it–at work, at school, at play, whatever–you might need a quick dinner after work or a speedy breakfast before hitting the books, and this series will help you create great, nutritious options for food on the fly.

Are you ready for this revamp?

Update: Read the series!

1. The Framework

Excited? Looking for specific pointers? Leave a comment!


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