Sweets and Smiles, or Smiles without Sweets

Join me in cutting my sweet tooth down to size in February!

Ice cream, a.k.a. my favorite-est favorite. (Photo from Unsplash)


I love February. Especially this year, since it starts on a Sunday. Because the month of February fills exactly four weeks (unless it’s a leap year!) and this year, it fills just four rows on the calendar.

For me, that is tremendously motivating (probably because I am weird).

I mean, in four weeks–one exact calendar month, starting on a Sunday!–I can achieve a nice, short-term goal.

This February, I want to cut sweets down to size. They are way too big a part of my life. While I have managed to make vegetables a part of all three meals, I still catch myself eating chocolate (and not necessarily the dark stuff of the skin brightening variety, either), ice cream, and cookies far more often than necessary. Even lemonade makes its way into my diet as a dessert. I know all this added sugar isn’t doing me any good, and that I need to take my own  advice and relearn that sweets are what I call “festival” foods.

So, this month, I get to cut down to a more acceptable amount of sweets each week: one. There are some birthdays, a major holiday (Valentine’s Day is in two weeks, guys!), and Fat Tuesday this month–all holidays or otherwise worthy of festival food.

To work on resetting my sweet-tooth, I am not going to have muffins (ugly cupcakes), granola bars, flavored yogurts, hot chocolates, chai, and other sneaky sweets. Instead, I am going to opt for delicious homemade or top-quality locally made deliciousness when I do indulge.

Have any ideas? Want to join me in this month-long challenge? Leave a comment with your goal!


2 thoughts on “Sweets and Smiles, or Smiles without Sweets

  1. Christina Moore says:

    I’m in! I seriously need to cut down on sweets too. I like your idea of a perfect 4 week month. You are not weird! Or maybe you are and it’s because we’re related that I’m weird too. Either way I’m happy, so who cares! I’ve discovered, a little too late in life, that putting cinnamon on my apples wedges is highly delicious. That will be my go to healthy, sweet snack this month. What are some of yours?

    • Mariana says:

      I am definitely going to stay away from anything sweet outside of fruit (citrus is in season!) and plain yogurt with jam. I am thinking that popcorn with olive oil, salt, and pepper might be my go to choice for snacks.

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