Sweets and Smiles: Something To Be Thankful For

Hey, everyone!

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving, a time many Americans take time to remember our blessings. I thought I’d take this edition of Sweets and Smiles to do just that. (It’s what this is made for, after all!) So, in no particular order:

  • I have this fantastic opportunity to volunteer every single Monday. I look forward to Mondays–volunteer work is just that glorious!
  • I got guaranteed admission to my dream school as long as I keep my grades up and finish the application process–I am ecstatic! While I won’t be going to Florence next semester, I will be starting life on my own next school year. Bring on the ramen (jazzed up with veggies, of course)!
  • My relationship with my little sister has improved a lot in this past year 🙂 Besides that, I have a loving family, wonderful boyfriend, and awesome friends both old and new.
  • This blog has taken off! I have reached over 1000 views in 6 months, and I have over 100 followers, so thank you all for your support!
  • Something silly: I got some makeup this week and I love it. I finally have a lip color I like!

So, that is just a little tiny cross-section of things I have to be thankful. What do you have to be thankful for?


One thought on “Sweets and Smiles: Something To Be Thankful For

  1. Christina Moore says:

    I’m thankful for my beautiful and smart nieces! I’m very impressed with what you are doing here. I’m excited for your next life challenge at my old digs. I hope it treats you well and life brings you everything good you ask for. I’m loving you always and still hold you in my heart though we’ve grown apart over the years. I hope that changes in the future and we can rekindle what we once had.

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