Introducing: The Pretty Healthy Glossary

(Photo: Book Sale Loot by Ginny/Flickr Creative Commons)

(Photo: Book Sale Loot by Ginny/Flickr Creative Commons)

In these past two crazy weeks–full of tests, projects, and presentations–I let my schoolwork have my undivided attention. Well, mostly. See, in my down time, I was thinking about the blog. While I had some ideas about what I wanted to post, I didn’t have the time to research the topics enough to do them justice.

But now I am back, armed with a new idea. Part of what makes it so difficult to research these topics is because there are vitamins and minerals that I want to highlight, but have to find supporting research each time I write about them.

Why not have a list of shorter posts that can be easily linked and present the important information about that nutrient? Then, all of the information I had researched about, say, vitamin C is in one place every time I want to explain why something that affects vitamin C metabolism is important.

The Pretty Healthy Glossary will be just that–short entries about various terms I talk about often with a sort of “highlights” section on how the nutrient, molecule, or process effects nutrition.


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