Round-Up: The INTO MIND Capsule Wardrobe Edition

The chill of winter is descending rapidly (at least for me–girls with circulation problems are always cold) and it’s time to take another look at my wardrobe. Before, I have written about my love of capsule wardrobes, but as far as I know, no one has written about them better than the lovely Anuschka Rees behind INTO MIND.

This week is crazy busy, so I thought I would direct you all to this lovely resource which has everything to do with feeling pretty. Capsule wardrobes are about having good quality clothes that you like–no fluff, no filler–which means that you always like the way you look.

In case you don’t want to just go loose looking around over there, here are a few of my favorite posts.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe in 30 Minutes a Day: a 2-Week Programme. This is my favorite post just for its inspirational do-ability. In just two weeks, you can have a beautiful wardrobe that you love. There are lots of good ideas here for just getting started.

Building the Perfect Wardrobe for Work. For those of us who can’t fathom a capsule wardrobe for all of our needs or those who just can’t invest in a total wardrobe makeover right now, there is this post on dressing for work (or school, as the case may be).

Mood Boards: The Complete Guide. In the INTO MIND method, mood boards are essential–they are used to help you define your own sense of personal style. Here is an in-depth look at how to make a mood board–don’t worry, there is a whole set of posts on how to interpret them!

Developing Your Signature Look: Part I and  Part II. I love, love the idea of a uniform to wear for most things. It sounds so simple and easy. These two articles are on the longer side, but are totally worth the read.

Love your closet? Morning dressing a chore? Tell us about it in the comments 🙂


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