Get Out and Vote, or How Midterm Elections Are Super Important

Photo: IMG_8701 by Sarah Zucca/Flickr Creative Commons

Photo: IMG_8701 by Sarah Zucca/Flickr Creative Commons

Hey there, ladies. You all know what today is, right? It’s the midterm election for my American readers (and all you who have voted, can’t vote yet, or don’t have an election being held today, take a break, you don’t need to worry about this).

People my age have been forecasted to be the least likely to vote. And that needs to change–we have this awesome ability to change things. And yes, one vote matters. If you are registered, you need to get yourself over to your polling place (after reading up on the issues so that you are an informed voter). Don’t know where your polling place is? Google “where is my polling place”–there is an internet app for that.

Not only can you vote on your congress-people today, but ladies, local races are important, too. Someone starts off running for a local position and a few years down the road is running as a U.S. Representative for your district. So, support people with whom you agree on important issues, people whose values line up with yours, and people who you would want to represent you on a higher level than the local one.

And don’t forget about state propositions and local measures–locally, there is a measure to approve taxing cell phone use as a utility. That is something I care about voting on. I’m sure there are local measures you care about. While I am at it, if you are interested in food policy, well, there’s an advocacy group for that.

If you have the right to vote, exercise it. Democracy is a muscle that must be flexed.

I am going to the polls after school. What about you? 


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