Sweets and Smiles: Volunteering Update

Hey, everyone! This week has been great so far–the Little Black Dress Challenge is in full swing and I like the variety of movements (more exciting than planks, no?). But there is something more joyous in my life right now–my Monday volunteer work.

I get to go to the hospital, wok with lovely people in the kitchen, and otherwise job shadow a real-live Dietitian (and she is so wonderful to have as a mentor). I have gotten to learn little bits about every part of clinical nutrition–from helping in food service, to bits about choosing appropriate diets for patients (what you would expect when you hear “clinical nutrition”), to getting to sit in on a class about nutrition for pulmonary patients (that’s been my favorite so far!).

On Mondays, I just glow to everyone about how wonderful volunteering is–because it is fantastic 🙂 The pulmonary class was especially nice. I volunteered to look up answers to questions that the ladies and gentlemen asked the first week. Then, the next week, I got to tell them what I found. I made up a handout with the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen on it after a request for it and being thanked for doing work I was proud of felt so nice.

It was so positive to work with people who are working on taking care of themselves. I have always been big on preventive medicine and through this experience I am beginning to think that maybe teaching and seminars are things I should look into in a hospital setting when I grow up.

Though I have only been volunteering for three weeks (tomorrow makes four Mondays), I am pumped for Mondays. I smile all the way to the hospital (it’s a few towns over, so it’s a bit of a trek to get out there), lots while I am helping, and all the way to my late-starting class. I cannot recommend highly enough that you try to get into volunteering in a field you are interested in. For me, it’s been energizing, eye-opening, and instructive in learning both about myself and my chosen profession 🙂

Here is to a fantastic week!

What made you smile this week? What filled you with joy? Share in the comments!


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