Up For a Challenge: The Little Black Dress Edition

lbd challenge photo

(This photo–originally IMG_9325 by Sarah Zucca/Flickr Creative Commons–has been modified and is published under a Share-Alike licence.)

Our plank challenge is winding down and it’s time to start thinking about next month! For those of you who are interested, starting next Monday, we’ll be following the 30 Day LBD Challenge plan below. With this full-body workout plan, by the time Christmas carols are heard on every radio station, we’ll be stronger and fitter. And maybe a little lighter in our clothes while everyone else is complaining about packing on the holiday pounds.

This challenge uses body weight exercises to build strength. The exercises target our arms, legs, and (of course) core. If you didn’t join in on the 30 Day Plank Challenge, you can still join us for this challenge that goes through November!

Coming on the heels of the last challenge, I have a wee bit more perspective about the difficulty of these fitness adventures. I am going to be straight with you–actually completing every part of the last challenge is quite a feat for those of you who can do it! After reaching 2 minutes, I am working on the rest of the challenge in several 1 minute increments per day (and I took more rest days than were required–but these planks really make you sore, so that was my reasoning). The plank challenge really ramped up–and this one will, too.

That said, sometimes the point is to push the envelope and other times you have to know when to give yourself a rest. In thirty days, we are going to go from 10 burpees (and, right now, that sounds like an awful lot) to 50 of them. Count ’em! Fifty! And maybe all of us won’t be able to do 50 burpees on day 27 or 50 triceps dips on day 25, at least all in one go. That is okay.

The truth is that some of us are new to this–and by some of us, I mean me. I fell off the fitness wagon earlier this year and I haven’t done this many repetitions since PE in high school. So, maybe I’ll break things up. Maybe I’ll make modifications to the exercises. Just as long as I can keep on working on a fitness habit, I’ll have succeeded in my goal in starting these challenges.

Success comes in a lot of forms and it is important to figure out what your priorities are for this challenge–slimming down (maybe cutting out processed foods for the month? I am definitely playing with the idea of a clean-eating diet-overhaul for November) or getting strong (maybe add weights where you can?) or getting into the fitness grove (like me!). That way, when November 26th rolls around, you know what you wanted to accomplish and that you did what you needed to do to achieve that goal.

Get ready for Monday!


Interested in joining me on this fitness challenge? Leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Up For a Challenge: The Little Black Dress Edition

    • Mariana says:

      Hey! Glad to have a partner!
      Press ups are just push ups–nothing fancy here.
      Burpees, however, are the exercise from that place we don’t talk about. You start from standing position, get into a plank, do a push up, *jump* up from the push up to standing position, and jump. That’s one rep. Then you do it again. And probably again.
      Here’s a visual on how to do them.

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