Sweets and Smiles: Feeling Pretty

Hello, lovelies! I have found some cute beauty ideas! But first, this week the blog has finally reached 1000 page views total and I am so happy. I have to thank all of you for your interest 🙂 Everyone who writes into the vast reaches of the interwebz is hoping that someone will find her ideas captivating and her stories interesting–or that it will at least reach someone.  So, thank you all for reading here in my corner of the internet.

hair milkmaid braids

Aren’t milkmaid braids just adorable? And they are great for wearing under a hairnet if you work in food service.

On to feeling pretty! This week, I have done some crazy stuff. But only with my hair. Long and curly, I don’t often break my routine for my crowning glory. But this week, I finally tried french (and Dutch) braiding my own hair, followed this tutorial, and tried the milkmaid braids look. I like it all!

hair messy updo tutorial

A super easy tutorial to follow from Seams for a Desire

And, I have been looking into perfume. We did a clove oil extraction in organic chemistry and, I am not gonna lie, it smelled amazing. In the midst of my research about essential oils and perfumer’s alcohol, I found this lovely tutorial on perfume oils (as opposed to the standard, alcohol-based eau de parfum). I can’t wait to make a signature perfume!

What cool stuff did you find this week? Tell us in the comments!


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