*Drumroll* And the Next Challenge Is…

In last week’s post celebrating getting halfway through with our current challenge, there was a little poll asking what you would want to do for the next challenge. Well, the votes are in. Are you ready to find out? Check it out below the fold. 

In a landslide vote, the next challenge will be a full-body kind of thing. 

Yay! Streamers and confetti! That was my first choice, too!

It being nearly the holidays, I thought that a Little Black Dress sort of challenge was in order. Many of us will being going to holiday parties, maybe school dances or formals, and generally being social. We all have a little dress we like to wear–or maybe even one we want to get our hands on. Maybe it isn’t black–maybe it’s red or green, blue or purple. Maybe you are a little white dress kind of gal. Nevertheless, it is nice to feel our best in something that makes us feel great.

Also, given the prevalence with which people resolve to get fit in January, I think it will be cool to be getting in the habit of treating our bodies well and finishing out a fitness challenge in November. This challenge puts some nice closure to the end of the year because through it, we can accomplish the goals many of us set way back in January.

black dress 1

(Photo: IMG_9300-2 by Sarah Zucca/Flickr Creative Commons)

Since Pretty Healthy is about health and feeling pretty, I want to make sure that the intention of this challenge is laid out clearly. The plan is to a) get more into a daily habit of exercise and b) to tone up all over. While individual results may vary, most of us aren’t going to change our shapes all that much. This isn’t intended to be a weight loss thing or a whip your body into shape thing–it’s a loving, caring gesture to our bodies. The trick is to get comfortable in our own skin (no matter what tabloids and magazines tell us) and to focus on strength–because strength is beautiful. And fit is beautiful. And you are beautiful.

Ready to tone up? Join me for 3o days, from October 27 to November 26!


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