Sweets and Smiles: A New YouTube Treat

Hey, y’all! I hope you have had a lovely week–I have 🙂 In school, I got a great grade on a Zoology test (the topic? Invertebrates. All of them. Everything about them, from anatomy to life cycles to cladistics). On the blog, I was nominated for two awards for which I am very thankful (a shout out to Saana and LifestyleswithLia for your kind thoughts and words).

So, it’s time to celebrate, yes? With a little bit of popcorn and screen time!

Nothing Much to Do, my most recent YouTube distraction procrastination destination favorite, looks like it is winding down (ever so sadly for its ardent viewers). But, there is hope. A new (okay, in the interwebz, seven months old is not new) literary web series is ready and waiting for us to dive into. It’s called Classic Alice and it is an entirely new twist on the literary video blog.

Alice is an English major who chooses to live life according to classic works of literary fiction. The first story arc is pretty intense–I mean, the first book is Crime and Punishment–but I think that the story really starts to blossom in the second story arc. Right now, Classic Alice is doing its take on The Scottish Play and I am super excited. The first video in this story is below.

I think Alice is pretty cute and dorky, but in a believable way–more Rapunzel than Anna à la Frozen (and I mean that as a great, big compliment). I like the new spin on classic lit–it’s fun and it keeps the story fresh. And, so far there is an hour and half of it–if you binge on Classic Alice, it’ll be the equivalent of one feature film–perfect for an easy Sunday night 🙂

Here’s to the week ahead–hoping it’s great!

What made you smile this week? Tell us in the comments 🙂


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