Sweets and Smiles: Cute Scrubs

sweets-and-smiles-cute-scrubsThis month, I am going to begin volunteering with the Registered Dietitians at the local hospital. I am so excited! It is going to be so lovely to help people–one of my jobs will be to help patients choose their meals. This is a great opportunity to get clinical experience and see where I will eventually want to go in my career.

One of the requirements is to wear scrubs–so, of course, I have been looking for some. There are so many cute ones, contrary to my expectations upon walking into the uniform store. Scrubs are also expensive (even the ugly ones). Trying them on was fun, though–it felt like I was really taking a step toward my future.

I thought this week, I’d do a round-up of some cute scrubs I found (on Pinterest–so some of the really cute ones I found were no longer available).

Top Right. This pink number from the Grey’s Anatomy line of scrubs. It’s pretty cute (even though I am supposed to wear solid colored scrubs). It can be had for $31.99 (out of my price range, for now at least)

Bottom Right. This one is the cutest as far as I am concerned (not terribly practical for a volunteer who is supposed to be sporting solids), but it sadly is no longer available. It was made by Cherokee.

Bottom Left. This is my favorite of the solid options I found–I like the tie-waist, but I imagine that might be impractical to have it kind of hanging there all the time. In any case, it is really cute. It’s called the Katelyn and it costs $23.99. It comes in so many colors (I am a sucker for purple, so I like the Merlot color the best).

Top Left. From Koi, the Justine scrub top is simple and it has some shape (especially when compared to those boxy square scrub tops). Available for $27.99


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