Sweets and Smiles: Grown-up

Hello, lovelies. This week, I have some pretty things to share with you.

sweets and smiles 12 grownup

Top. This print is called German Breakfast. It reminds me so much of my stay in Munich, and I would love to start collecting art for that future house I dream about. In any case, this is quite seriously what breakfast looked like–some rolls, Nutella, jam, and butter. Unless, of course, we had muesli. You can find it on Esty, $20.

Bottom Left. I don’t believe I have shared my love of the tiny house movement here before. For those of you who don’t know about it, it is a movement toward smaller houses that are more affordable, require less maintenance, and ultimately are better for the environment (simple thought experiment time: how much energy is used to heat and cool a 2,500 square foot house compared to a 1,000 square foot one?). In any case, there is a spectrum, from individuals living in 87 square foot houses on trailers to families living with about 300-400 square feet per person.

This particular floating house just looks so peaceful and strikes me as so cute–the long windows, the planter boxes, and living not just near the water but on it sounds tempting.

Bottom Right. I dream of hosting lots of parties as an adult–you know, dinner parties, brunch parties, little parties and bigger ones. But the image in my head isn’t complete without a hostess apron. Silly, I am sure, but I have always loved aprons–especially the cute ones. And hostess aprons are the cute or pretty ones by definition.  And this one is adorable–yellow gingham, daisy trim, a big ol’ bow. It doesn’t get cuter than this 🙂 On Etsy, $36.

Have a lovely week, everyone!

Share what you loved this week in the comments!


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