Sweets and Smiles: Trips and Tiny Bunnies

Hello, lovelies!

This week has been great. I got to go to the beach on a field trip, looking for  sand crabs. This week was Transfer Day and Student Information Day (think club fair). I am looking forward to transferring to my state school to start studying nutrition–of the classes I need to take to transfer, not one of them is a nutrition class. The only thing that makes me think twice about transferring straight away? The fantastic study-abroad program at my junior college. Getting to live in Florence in the early spring? Bring it on. I have been day dreaming about Florence (of course) and weekend trips. Milan, Venice, Cinque Terre. Prague, Paris–the list goes on. Not only that, but the food!

That, and we have some baby bunnies to keep me company–what is not to smile about? These two will fall asleep in a little yin-yang ball of fur–it’s adorable.


This precious little guy wouldn’t stop hopping around today. He is so small, he almost fits in the palm of my hand 🙂

bunny 2

This little one is normally super rambunctious, bouncing around and exploring, rather than being calm and cute in my hand.

What made you smile this week? Tell us in the comments!


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