Sweets and Smiles: Wanderlust

sweets and smiles 11 wanderlustThe travel bug has bitten me–hard. After Germany, I can’t wait to get back to adventuring. And just as midterms season starts again (it seems to get earlier every semester!).

1. Cinque Terre–it’s my dream destination. Go to Italy for a month and spend about a week here enjoying pesto, colorful buildings, walking the trails between the five cities, and spending tons of time on the beach–yes please.

2. Evidently (all my evidence is based on pretty pins from Pinterest as of now), there is a hot air balloon festival–race? Event? Air party?–in Cappadocia, Turkey. Just look at that picture. It’s a view to die for.

3. Florence–as the opportunity to study abroad gets more and more fleshed out, the birth place of the Renaissance looks more and more lovely. Culture, art, history, and Italian food all converging in one place–not exactly surprising, but tantalizing 🙂

4. This photo of Yosemite Falls is absolutely staggering for me. This year–the only year I have been there–the Falls were only a trickle. This crazy rush in the photo makes me want to go all over again after an El Niño or something–maybe next year 🙂

What made you smile this week? Share in the comments!


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