Sweets and Smiles: Fun Ways to Procrastinate

Hey, everyone! I hope you have all had lovely weeks.

This week (note that this is the second week of the semester), I had one paper due Tuesday and had to start studying for my first lab exam. Fun stuff, right? Also, by “have to study,” I really mean “should study.” Here’s the short list of fun things I have been up to instead.

1. I read The Maze Runner. After years of hearing about how great it is from friends, I finally read it and found it really engrossing. The story starts slowly, but that can kind of be explained away due to the main character acclimating. About half way through, it becomes a really exciting read that you just don’t. Put. Down. I read 200 pages of it on Friday night, so it was pretty entertaining once you get past the slow stuff. It is definitely a fun, easy read if that is what you are looking for.

2. Learning HTML and CSS at Codecademy. You never know when this stuff will come in handy as Pretty Healthy grows (speaking of blogging, check out the Facebook page–I’ve put some work into it recently, and I sure hope you like it)

3. I found Nothing Much To Do, another vlog series that is a take-off on classic literature. This time it is Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing (if you saw that coming, you are quicker that I was–it took me four episodes and a well-placed comment for me to realize just what work this was based on. I felt pretty silly). Quick warning: we are right now in the middle of the series and we are at a huge cliff hanger until the next video comes out. So, binge watch at your own risk. I have taken the liberty of putting the teaser trailer below–check it out! (Then watch the rest :D)

I hope everyone has a superb Sunday, a lovely long weekend, and a wonderful week!

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