Sweets and Smiles: Best Root Beer Float

So, this week, school started after a long vacation and that was pretty disappointing. For any high school students out there: it doesn’t matter where you are attending college, books are expensive. Books and homework access (yes, you have to pay to do online homework, I know, it’s awful) might run me as much as $450, and I go to a (very top-notch) Junior College.

But what could possibly brighten my week after coming back from my beautiful Bavarian vacation and landing smack-dab in the middle of school, homework, and research papers? There was iced chai with friends to celebrate getting back, discussions about study abroad (school isn’t all bad), and not to mention the world’s best root beer float!

On Friday,  I set off on a celebratory, I-survived-the-first-week blackberry picking expedition, but returned home with some locally produced vanilla ice cream made from the milk of grass-fed cows and some craft root beer. Everyone else also seemed to have a blackberry fest in mind that day and I didn’t want to come away completely empty-handed. surprisingly, it was even better than fresh blackberries! And I can feel good about eating it because:

  1. It’s from a local company I want to keep around.
  2. The company is ethical.
  3. The milk is full of the good-for-you saturated fats since the cows ate grass.
  4. It was totally delicious and you and I should enjoy our splurges.

So, allow me to highly recommend going down to your local, locally-conscious grocer and getting your hands on some locally made ice cream. It is definitely more expensive (a pint cost as much as a half-gallon of Breyer’s), but it is worth it in terms of flavor and quality.

What was exciting about your week? Tell us all about it in the comments! Like what you see here? Check out Pretty Healthy on Facebook!


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