The Pretty Manifesto

Pretty is quite literally health. And being pretty healthy has a wealth of meaning. Here is a manifesto that I have worked on for a while, which you can see on this page. Over time, I am going to work on adding artwork, but for now, I am letting the text speak for itself.

The Pretty Manifesto

Health is pretty. Treating your body well by moving and eating well are integral parts of any beauty routine or fashion statement.

Pretty  is a state of mind–joyful and positive. It’s the positivity that turns bread and water into toast and tea.

Pretty is intelligent–a well-exercised mind is a thing of beauty

Pretty is a spot of blush, a swipe of mascara. It’s a full-on red lip. It’s going barefaced. It’s whatever beauty regimen you like (as long as it includes at least SPF 30).

Pretty is wearing things you like, that you feel good in. Maybe it’s a dress, maybe it’s a t-shirt, and maybe it’s just knowing you are wearing nice panties. To each her own.

Ultimately, being pretty healthy is an 80/20 affair–you won’t always eat in moderation or go for your morning run. Remember spontaneity and celebration and doing things simply because they feel nice.

Remember you are always worth the effort–to make a healthy lunch, to finish that run, to wear something you like.

This manifesto is central to Pretty Healthy–it’s a declaration of values. It’s what I want this blog to be about and how I want it to make people feel. So, I want to hear about your opinions in the comments: what do you like, what could be better, and what would you add?


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