Sweets and Smiles: Back Home

I had the most wonderful time visiting Germany and Austria in the past couple weeks. Now I am back and I am ready for school. This week has been full of excitement–from exploring Salzburg, to flying, to coming back home.

1. I found a British copy of French Women Don’t Get Fat in a German thrift store–that was so exciting. You can check out my review–along with the croissant recipe from the book 🙂

2. I had the best ever variation on insalata caprese–just farm fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, creamy balsamic vinegar, and fresh pepper. It was super good–even the tomatoes, and I never like fresh tomatoes (and yes, I have had the home-grown kind of tomato before–I just typically don’t like them). It might be the vinegar–it’s not a vinaigrette, but a special type of vinegar, or maybe a balsamic reduction. I haven’t ever seen it in the United States before, so if anyone has a hint on where to get it, pretty please clue me in!

3. I visited Salzburg–there was so much to see and so many things to explore. Not to mention the Mozart chocolates. Those are delicious–if you go, get them at the supermarket instead of a tourist shop for so much cheaper. But no matter what, get them.

4. I came home to new school supplies–nothing makes starting school sound fun like new supplies. Colorful comp books, gel pens (they write so nicely!), and new pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga all the way)–they convey an air of shiny newness to the daily school grind.

Have a fantastic week, everyone!

What was awesome this week? Tell us all about it in the comments!


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