Homemade for Health

Make these from scratch, I dare you! (Photo courtesy of Natasha/Happy Cookie Friday, Creative Commons).

Make these from scratch, I dare you.
(Photo courtesy of Natasha/Happy Cookie Friday, Creative Commons).

I thought about calling this post “How to Eat All The Junk You Want With One Simple Trick,” however, I try not to over-hype things. There is, however, a trick to get your sweets/junk food intake in line.

Make it all yourself.

It is really that simple and that difficult, which is why it works. Take your vice (or vices), whatever it is–croissants, cake, donuts, French fries, crackers, cookies–and realize it is a “festival food”–something that would only be made for special occasions because they take so long to make. Now, make it yourself–peel the potatoes, heat the oil, fry the French fries. Or, make the croissant dough, roll them out and fold them over the course of a day, and bake them up. If you want Oreos (as I mentioned in the post on trans-fats), make up some chocolate wafer cookies, pipe some homemade butter cream in between to make a sandwich cookie. And don’t forget to clean up the kitchen! 🙂

Now, I know not everyone can do this–some people live in apartments lacking even a kitchenette, for instance–but even then, most people can actually do this. It means abstaining from whatever processed food you like best unless you can make it at a friend’s house or a family member whips some up for you (from scratch!). You don’t have to do this for the rest of your life–a month or two would probably do so that you see how much it takes to make these processed foods and begin developing the habit of avoiding them. In that time, you may even find that you no longer have much of an appetite for these foods.

Have I done this sort of thing? Yes–and it was not for long and it was not easy.  But it works in more ways than one–if you spend two hours making a pie and watch it bake for the next three (my oven has issues, okay), yours will quickly become a one dessert household (as in “I won’t bake a cake until the pie is gone.”). And ultimately,  though your labor of love doesn’t go to waste, it doesn’t go directly to waist, either 🙂

Today’s post was inspired by the Daily Post’s Daily Prompt


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