Sweets and Smiles: Traveling

This week has been quite crazy–part way through, I jumped on a plane to visit faraway lands. I’ll talk more about the itinerary in coming weeks, but for now, here is a broad overview of some lovely things about traveling.

1. Meeting the sweet, old couple sitting behind you on the plane. The couple I spoke to have traveled the world many times, speak many languages, and generally lived such exciting lives–teaching in a multitude of countries, from Kenya to Italy to Australia, for instance.

2. Getting to know a new place. I am staying in a lovely, green land, full of flowers and mountains and happy cows (sorry, California). Hiking, seeing the small towns as you drive through, and enjoying the food are some of the best parts of acquainting yourself with a new country.

3. Making plans to see all the sights, but being flexible too. Things you don’t expect will always pop up–a small annual festival, a market that isn’t advertised in travel books–and sometimes, you just need to make time for them.

Here is to a great week!


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