Sweets and Smiles: Dreams of Grandeur

Hi everyone! Day-dreamer that I am, I have been in a wistful world of castles and enchanted forests if Pinterest were to tell you anything. Have a look πŸ™‚


1. Chateau St. Julien! I have always thought this picture was the most beautiful angle. The turrets, the towers, the trees–it is so beautiful

2. These fawns captured my imagination. The light filtering through the leaves, their ears pricked up–can’t you just feel the silence?

3. I first liked the pin ages ago and it popped up again in my feed. This lovely church, from another time, looks like part of another world.

4. This lavender? It just looked so pretty next to the church on the Pinterest homepage πŸ™‚ Really, altogether it makes for a sparkling daydream–the stately, beautiful ancestral castle, the fields (of flowers!), the forests, and the castle town! I am sure you can tell I read lots of fantasy in my younger days πŸ™‚

Have a gorgeous week, everyone!


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