Sweets and Smiles: Adventure

This week, there was lots to smile about–not least of all taking in the natural beauty of Yosemite National Park. There is something so starling and beautiful about the sheer cliffs and the enormity of the granite mountains, the wildflowers in the meadows, and the tremendous strength of the water.

On Thursday, I got to climb to the top of Vernal Fall and saw the gorge laid out below me. I have never felt a runner’s high before, but I think Thursday was pretty close. I felt so vital, so proud, and so sweaty 🙂 I climbed a thousand feet and nearly quit because I got dizzy (don’t forget to hydrate! And, thank you to the anonymous gentlemen who pep-talked me into continuing). I finished, though–I proved to myself that I can do amazing things, follow through when the going is tough, and seriously whetted my appetite for some more–to build up to something bigger, grander, more exciting.

Not only that, but looking back at how difficult the ascent was for me (I did it on a whim with my kid sister, so I probably could have planned better), I know that I can tackle some other things that are difficult–like making phone calls, because those are awful–and come out of it a little better than before. Getting out for a run in the morning has a similar effect: if I can get through a mile or so before 9:00 in the morning, what else can I do with my day? Something super exciting or important!

So, this week, here is to running that extra lap, walking the extra mile (quite literally), or doing that crazy thing that looks so hard or sounds so awful. Trust me: achieving it will do so much for your self-esteem and outlook. Cheers!


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