Sweets and Smiles: An Update

Hi, everyone! This has been a spectacular week–full of fireworks and picnics! This year’s fire display at the local high school was the best I remember–full of those fireworks that explode and hang in the sky, looking like golden glitter! And the picnicking was lovely as well–proceeded by quite the hike. I highly recommend taking advantage of any state parks in your area–they are even lovelier than the regional parks!

As to the updates: I am going to be in and out during the next few weeks. My summer is about to really take off! Worry not, I have a bit of content planned and I should be back in full force come August 17. I have no intention of forgetting my Sweets and Smiles series, so look for those on Sundays!

I’d like to thank every one who has read from the beginning, who has just started, and everyone who just stumbled upon this–my blogging experience has been fantastic and that is in great part due to a wonderful audience! Thank you so much!

Here is to a week (and the rest of the summer!) dedicated to sweet memories and big smiles!


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