Chocolate Gelato!

Hi everyone! I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breath to hear about my ice cream/gelato experience (you know, now that I am using a real recipe šŸ™‚ ). I did use the chocolate gelato recipe I linked to last time. I also used my Tupperware and a whisk method and here is the result.


There are somethings I would change: for instance, I used an 8×8 pan because it has a lid–because of this the ice cream took a long time to freeze and there are some ice crystals inside marring an otherwise creamy texture. The recipe resulted in a gelato so chocolaty, it is verging on a joke, so this is a recipe to use great chocolateĀ on. I would change the recipe slightly, though: I would use less cocoa powder, since it contributes to the fine grittiness created by the ice crystals.

It’s summer! What treats are you eating? Homemade popsicles? A favorite iced tea? Tell all in the comments!


One thought on “Chocolate Gelato!

  1. Gina says:

    My family does an ice cream social almost every summer and I would love to try making a chocolate gelato! Thanks for linking the recipie.
    We’ve made blackberry gelato though, which is suburb when you use freshly picked blackberries!

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