Review: Cody, the Fitness App

For those of us with smart phones (or just the iTouch or whatever), we know what apps we spend the most time on. Looking at, updating, playing with. Right now, that favorite app for me is Cody. Need a little extra push to get moving? Active on social media or not so active (in either sense of the term)? Have you looked into Cody?

Cody is a free app (yep! I think that is pretty awesome! And there are no ads!) you can use as a motivational and social tool for fitness. My presence on social media is pretty small (on the blog, it’s limited to Facebook and Pinterest), but as far as I can tell, Cody functions as a sort of as an instagram or a blog for different people. Some post pictures of favorite foods, workouts, and transformations; some write a lot about different parts of the workout or heartfelt messages; some just straight up write reps and sets. You can follow people who inspire you, comment on posts (and like them), and search for different workouts by type (Crossfit, running, walking, swimming, hiking, and yoga are just a taste of the options) or search hashtags. And you definitely don’t need any social media experience to use it.

There are also training options and paid or free classes. I have yet to use either of these options, so I can’t review this aspect of the app. However, Cody is easy to use and loads quickly, so I would be surprised if there were issues with the videos. Beyond functionality, the graphics are really nice–fun and energizing, exactly what you would expect from Cody.

I use it to keep track of workouts. Cody is really keen on congratulating you, whether because your average speed has improved on your runs, or this is your longest barre workout to date, or you’ve been active for x weeks straight. And, the posters are super inspiring . In the app, you can post pictures or preloaded posters with your workout and there is a great variety of them (some are unique to each type of workout). The “awesome by choice” poster (I’ve seen it under running and barre) is my favorite. It inspires me to strive for a workout worthy of being posted beside such a poster.

Bottom line: Cody is a great app–motivational, social, and easy to use–and it is free, to boot. Anyone with an Apple product should look into it (Cody is  only available on the iTunes store at press time). I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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