Sweets and Smiles: Entertaining Fun

Hey everyone! I hope the past week has been great! Let’s ring in the official start of summer (just one day late!) with some fun.

1. Looking for some laughs? Ever thought to turn to Amazon? I had seen this a while ago and I came across it again this week. It is a banana slicer (yes, you read that right) and the comments are worth a looksy. There are other similar situations where a ridiculous product (or its name) produces thousands of funny comments

2. I found a cute web show! It is called Kissing in the Rain by Shipwrecked., and the first season (episodes 1 through 7) is my favorite! Take a look at the first one below!

Have you found anything fun? Cool YouTube video series? Great comedy somewhere in the depths of the internet? Drop a line below!


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