Guess what!

I am on Facebook! Or at least the blog is!

Maybe you can tell (and I am guessing you can), but I am pretty new at this. Trying to find a voice, develop content and branding, and find my niche. I have finally started a Facebook page for Pretty Healthy and I plan to make some changes to the content here in response.

If you would be so kind as to check me out over there (and even kinder by liking the page), you’ll find the standard post announcements and some extras. I want to keep the blog clutter-free and full of articles, ideas, and tightly written personal stories. Updates, quick content, and polls will be on the Facebook page. Please, please feel free to ask questions, post ideas for topics you would like me to cover, or share (of course, remember that I will be moderating more or less according to the Comments Policy on this blog. I am sure that I won’t have trouble with that at all though 🙂 You guys have all been lovely.)

My goal with adding the Facebook page is to start building an interactive community passionate about being healthy (and looking pretty, while we’re at this taking care of ourselves thing). So, please, check it out–maybe like it, too! I can’t wait to hear from you all!


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