Roasted Apricots

apricots and yogurt 1A

There is something perfume-like about apricots–I am no nose, but I am pretty sure there is something floral about apricots. Roasting them just brings that out to the forefront. That, and with a little spice, these lovelies are like pie, minus the crust. Serve all six halves over yogurt for breakfast or divvy them and serve them with whipped cream or over ice cream (crustless apricot pie a la mode! Yes, please!)

Also, I said to use nutmeg and cinnamon, but you could just use one or the other, or you could sub in cloves, or allspice, or cardamom, or whatever you fancy. Spices add a considerable amount of nutritional bang for their size.

roasted apricots recipe card


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