Sweets and Smile: Dreams of Italy

So, this week, I reached a 50 day streak on Duolingo, a site for learning other languages for free. It has a game format and encourages you to continue with emails and the chance to win lingots, the site’s currency. All in all, it is pretty fun and I have been working on my Italian. It is nowhere near ready, but with school done, this past week has been the week of practicing. For one, I have watched and listened to the Frozen soundtrack in Italian more times than I care to count đŸ™‚

I dream of studying abroad in Florence, and this is just one of the ways I am working at reaching that goal. In the past seven weeks, I have been learning language and before that I was mooning over the beautiful idea of being Italian for three months (or at least living there :D).

sweets and smiles 4

1. One of the things I am excited for (way for it–this is ridiculous) is air-dried laundry. I heard that the detergent in Italy is less concentrated than the detergents here and it washes out better, thus leaving soft air-dried clothes (as opposed to stiff or scratchy clothes).

2. Audrey Hepburn in Rome receiving news about her award for Best Actress (though not for Roman Holiday). I saw her in Roman Holiday last summer and it was such a cute movie–I recommend it highly!

3. This photo is just beautiful and the architecture is lovely. That is certainly something I look forward to–gazing up at the beautiful buildings and the Renaissance art!

4. Now, here is something that it makes sense for a nutrition major to be excited for: open air markets. Italy is where the Slow Food Movement started and I can’t wait to go shopping nearly every day for fresh ingredients! I have never shopped for myself, so I look forward to kind of playing house for three months, with the shopping and cooking and other things.

5. This road is winding through Tuscany and the vibrant colors are just so inspiring!

6. This is the colorful town of Vernazza, and it is one of my dream destinations. It is part of Cinque Terre, in the Italian Riviera and ever since reading about it in a travel guide, I have been dying to go! Long days on the beach, delicious pesto, and sunny colors everywhere? Count me in đŸ™‚


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