Sweets and Smiles: Frocks for Frolicking

sweets and smiles 3

My third edition of Sweets and Smiles (in the mood for travel or camping? Take a look here and here)! This week, I scored some lovely, blue gingham fabric and I really want to make something cute out of it, so I turned to Etsy (and of course Pinterest. You can probably tell that I use it like a search engine just based on this weekly post ūüôā Pinterest is a great resource, though).

1. I did¬†find the perfect dress on Etsy, but it sold a¬†long, long time ago. This lovely, lilac confection is gone, and I am left drooling over it. But, can’t you just imagine a lovely little picnic? Or a field of flowers calling out for you to skip through it?

2. Speaking of that field of flowers: how about a flower crown? Doesn’t she look so elegant? And who would expect carnations to look so pretty?

3. A lovely, full-skirted, backless dress. Nothing quite like a floral dress, right? Sadly, this dress is no longer available either, but it is there for posterity on my Pinterest account.

4. Now, I have to be honest: none of the dresses that really caught my fancy this week can be had on Etsy–all of these lovelies are gone. There is something very elegant in a laid back kind of way about this dress. Here is a link to the shop where a lady hand makes simple, pretty dresses like this.

5. And finally, after a day of skipping through flowers and running about (looking ridiculously cute, I might add), it is time for an afternoon snack in the sun–a veritable feast of summer fruit (a little early for blackberries, yes, but a girl can plan, right?)

Here’s wishing you a fabulous week, full of sweet moments and great, big smiles!


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