Unexpected Guests

In this last week, I have had so many new visitors and to be honest, I was surprised. With today’s daily prompt asking about your response to unexpected visitors, I thought I might make a poll to see what people like to read when they come to my little corner of the internet. I mean, polling is a logical response, but I must say that when my goal of 5 page views was (far) exceeded, I jumped with joy and did a happy dance. I mean, I got my first comment! And for that, I must thank you, my readers.

In the spirit of the prompt, I’d like to sit you down, ask you a few questions, and ultimately (at the risk of stretching this metaphor too far) give you a little cake–in the form of whatever you like to read. Recently, I have posted somethings in the personal vein (here and here), some stuff I put some research into (here and here), and some posts in between these two extremes, like my reviews (here and here).

So, here are my questions: if you would read one from each of the categories above and answer the question(s) below, I would be delighted.

For those who read my post No Apologies, I have a special question for you 🙂

If you don’t have time to read a bunch of posts or if you are new to Pretty Healthy, if you read a post and tell me which one and how you like it in the comments on this post, I would be thrilled.

Now for the cake: if I know what you like, I can serve it up, warm and ready. With your help, I hope to make this a bright corner of the internet where people can go to read up on nutrition and come away more informed and feeling good. How I do that and if I do it effectively depends on who is reading and I would love some tips!



P.S. This poll will run for a week from when it is posted. 


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