Sweets and Smiles: Long Weekend Camping

It’s time for the second edition of Sunday Sweets and Smiles (based on the event created by The Duck and The Owl)–you can find last week’s here.

sweets and smiles 2

The long Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and what is more fun than planning out a camping trip? With our extra, just-for-fun Monday, we can herald the summer with fun!

1. First things first: a preposterously cute date. Flowers + cocoa + canoe + tranquil lake = a lovely day not to be forgotten. This lovely picture courtesy of Coffee in the Mountains.

2. There is nothing quite so lovely as taking a little time to yourself outside–a lovely way to do that is writing or sketching, or even just sitting and listening. Find this lovely photo on my Pinterest account here!

3. Is this not a fabulous tent? The colors are so cute (pink, green, and white are pretty classic to my mind) and it’s got such a cute shape. Follow the link to an article on glamping in Country Living. The tent is no longer available (deplorably), but you can browse some of the really cute clothes and home goods from the same company that produced it.

4. What is better than a little reading? After a nice long hike in the cool morning, coming back to the tent to rest through a long, lazy afternoon sounds lovely. And why not that paperback your friends have been recommending? Photo courtesy of A Well-Traveled Woman.

5. I couldn’t resist these lovely watches and compasses. Such color! And the sweet call of adventure; can’t you hear it? And besides, aren’t you just dying to know about where they have been and what their owners saw, long before they were just cute vintage-y eye candy?


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