Sweets and Smiles: Travel on the Brain

Earlier this week, I found this blog event on the listing page as part of the Blogging 101 event WordPress is putting on. Sweets and Smiles sound like something fun and positive. So, here are some of the things that made me all smiley this week.

sweets and smiles travel 1

All three of these pictures popped up together on Pinterest this week and stirred up so much wanderlust 🙂 Italy is my dream trip–and Cinque Terre is so pretty and colorful–as is this tranquil photo of Venice. I recently picked up an Italian cookbook, so I can work my way through Italy without jumping on a plane.

Speaking of recipes, there is nothing quite so exciting as the smell of yeast breads rising, nor anything as scruptous as warm chocolate. While another item on my bucket list is to have pain au chocolat in Paris, until I go, I can make it at home.

1. The Baker Chick’s Chocoate Crossaints 2. Lovely Vernazza–one of Italy’s most colorful towns 3. Morning coffee in Venice



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