Round-up: Sweet Treats

The semester is drawing to a close, and it is time to say goodbye to classes that have come to feel like home. I have tried to make it my habit to give teachers and professors a gift at the end of the school year as a little thank you. As shocking as this may be, I tend to give candy or cookies. Sweets are my favorite thing to make (probably because everyone loves them so giving them out is a nice little ego boost), so allow me to take a moment to defend them.

Making a little batch of brownies or [insert treat here] is a great way to show appreciation because they are homemade, from scratch. You know exactly the quality of the ingredients and you know exactly what you didn’t put in (red dye 40? None. MSG? Zip. High fructose corn syrup? Zilch.). Additionally, food is meant to taste good. And sometimes, we must be moderate about moderation. And sometimes, cookies say thank you better than sautéed spinach (even if sautéed spinach is delicious).

So, I made up a little round-up for the some of my favorite recipes for teacher’s gifts (or yummy things for mom, since that is right around the corner).

Love From the Oven’s giant  double chocolate cookies: these babies are the real deal when it comes to double chocolate cookies (or even any chocolate cookies). I don’t make anything else. Besides, these things are huge–something like 4 ounces of rich cookie goodness (so, really, no one can eat it all in once sitting). Did I mention they are delicious? Because they are.

Bittersweet’s Best Cocoa Brownies: these lovelies are from Alice Medrich’s book BitterSweet and these are my go-to when it comes to sweet treats. Almost as easy as Betty Crocker and about fifty times yummier, these were designed to please.

Better Homes and Garden’s Lemon Bars: Just to switch it up and offer a non-chocolate alternative (I know some people don’t like it–I can’t fathom it, but still, I know it is true), I offer these simple little lemon bars. As summer swings around, something a little lighter is in order and these are just the ticket. Actually, this recipe was one of the first things I made from scratch that I had made before from a box. As a little kid, I didn’t know that you could make cakes, lemon bars, or brownies without a box mix. Thank God that I was instructed to make these–even at seven, I knew these were almost as easy to make as the ones from the box and were so much better.


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