I have a dream, I have a dream…

Dreams are front and center in Disney’s Tangled (you have seen it, right? If not, go watch it. I am pretty sure this movie will warm everyone’s soul). How often do we make like Rapunzel and actually go after our dream?

If you are me, it is not so often.  I have researched all sorts of things for as long as I can remember. Making plans is my forte–I can probably plan circles around most of the people I know (hence my love of Pinterest–I mean, come on, who doesn’t like pretty pictures?). Most recently, something got into me and I have decided to take the plunge.

It all started with this blog–I have been keeping up with nutrition and dietetics way more than I used to do. I started it to practice for that big goal–the RD and the career in helping people. Now, I have a smaller, unexpected reward: I have gotten back into the swing of writing, and it is lovely. I’ve been rereading all the books that got me interested in nutrition (do expect some reviews over the summer) and some new books besides.

One of them, Foodist (my review is here), inspired me to make little changes. For instance, chewing your food at least 20 times. Go ahead and try it–it is eye-opening. I really thought I ate politely before, but know I know that I practically swallowed my food whole. Besides that, you fill up on less food and slow down the meal. Both are conducive to longer meals with more time spent laughing with family and friends (and making meal time a deliberate affair rather than scarfing down something over the sink).

Now, I have taken up running. I might be getting ahead of myself, but I started this week. I have always dreaded running, so having the wherewithal to get up, leave the house early and go for a run before class has made me intensely proud. Even though I have been working on getting back into yoga, this is the first step that I know is going to get me to the fitness goal I have been planning on achieving for three years now.

Starting this blog and taking up running (well, as much as you can take something up in a week) are some of the first steps to truly building the healthy life I dream of. In any case, I am currently riding a little high from achieving something and can’t wait to throw myself into new goals this summer. Lots have something to do with monthly (or even weekly!) features or series.

So, take a couple of minutes today and think about what you can do to start building that life you want. For me it started with a new website, some books, and some old running shoes. A little bit of success can go a long way in motivating newer, bigger steps. Here’s to where ever your new dream takes you. And to Tangled; that movie is the best 🙂

Tell us about your dream in the comments!


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