Looking for Trends in All the Right Places

Let’s talk about trends. No, I don’t mean, “Listen as I tell you what to wear.” There are easy ways to find the forecasts for what will be in style as spring rolls around: just read the nearest magazine at the checkout at the local grocery store for that. The more “difficult” ways tend to yield better results, though.

What are these difficult ways? How does one master them? Well, I would first recommend looking at blogs. And Pinterest. I know—difficult, right? But, not just any mindless, entertainment-seeking pinning. This is targeted. Look at several blogs (that you like—that is key. For those not following blogs, you may have to look at lots to get a feel for what you like), spend an hour on Pinterest. Are you seeing patterns?

While most blogs will show lovely outfits and pieces, Pinterest offers a unique look into the world of fashion and design. I suggest looking at several individual pages on Pinterest. Look at art and design pages for color ideas.  The design feed is especially good for ideas about the feeling this season. For instance, you can look at the shapes in the typography. Thin, spidery writing says delicate, script says feminine, and thick strokes say bold (in more ways than one).

Check out women’s fashion for ideas about individual pieces and outfit ideas (yes, I know; but I have been putting the *b* in *subtle* for years now). Architecture might sound strange, but it is great for ideas about where style in the most nebulous sense is going—crazy, sculptural, modern megaliths and traditional housing indicate very different things. And, my last recommendation, the weddings page; it can be a gold mine of trends (shabby chic, anyone? Ombre?) and most can be transplanted into your weekday wardrobe.

The more practice you get, the faster you will be able to see trends. As you begin to see the patterns, you will also be able to see what draws you to a particular photo–was it the color scheme, the design elements, the “feel” of the image, or those really nice leather boots she is wearing? And that is the most important aspect of this exercise. From there you can identify your style, and after that, figure out which trends you want to try on, not because they are the hottest new things, but because you like that look.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration? What trends have you seen recently? Write about it in the comments!


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